Free stuff – reflection not inspection 

Sencos, have you heard of Whole School SEND and the wonderful resources they provide?
The review guides and audits are awesome and a way for you to measure your provision and possibly give you some leverage with the head and governors should you be falling short.
If you do use them, please let me know on this thread so we can share great practice, lessons learned and useful solutions.

 * SEND Review Guide<; – Evaluating and improving SEND provision across a school at a strategic level, with the purpose of empowering schools to improve their SEND provision by using a school-to-school model.

 * SEND Reflection Framework<; – Has a tighter focus on classroom culture and practice. It can be used in groups, across departments or a whole school, enabling teachers to coach each other through the process of understanding their own strengths and weaknesses.

 * TA Review Guide<; – Focusing on the deployment of TAs within a school to ensure TAs have the most positive impact in their school and help bring about better outcomes for the learners they support.

 * Preparing for Adulthood Review Guide<; – Designed to support schools in preparing children and young people with SEND for the next stage of their learning and development and into adulthood.
“The guides are all free to download and white label versions are also available. For example schools and LAs have made their own versions of the SEND Review Guide to make the content specific to their locality. Reflection, not inspection! Empowering schools, MATs, Las, OAs to take responsibility for SEND provision through a collaborative, reflective school-to-school model of support.” Daniel Bunter, Impact and Evaluation Officer, Whole School SEND.
New on the horizon is an evaluation projection on the work of Whole School SEND over the last two years. They would welcome any feedback on the resources (how/where have they been used? Any outcomes positive or negative? etc), training opportunities and the future of the work more generally. If you would like to contact them directly, you can email Daniel at<>.
I hope they can help you, I certainly think they’re brilliant.

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