This is a lovely idea from @rlj1981 and I’ve enjoyed reading others’ so here’s mine:
Summer is very different to usual in our family because we’re in the process of renting our town house out and renting a big house in the middle of a forest – this means no more strolling into town or popping to onestop for milk; it also means money will be tighter so efficiency and organisation is my Summer theme.  

1. Move into house and get straight – have a place for everything – even if I never see it again.

2. Go camping – even if for a curtailed trip due to move- kids love it and I need to see my Larndarn mates. 

3. Sort garden but don’t beat myself up about it – research easy forest gardens for the best visually but with the least amount of effort. Find out about meadow lawns to save us having to mow it – or buy a goat?
4. #womened and #literacy are two projects I want to continue with through the Summer.

5. Crack Internet shopping with Tesco and end my love affair with Waitrose.

6. Crack Internet banking – get rid of random direct debits to services I never use – take control and check regularly – no more unopened letters and tra la la banking mentality.

7. Buy 1 dog, 5 chickens, 1 goose and two pigs.

8. Create a useable system with kids to help round (scarily large) house – ‘tidy Friday’, taking plates up to sink (ignore their protestations that I am using them for child labour).

9. Try to enjoy the Summer and #notice things (from #teacher5aday) rather than running around shouting at everyone – attempt to be *that* Mum who appears relaxed, happy and actually likes her kids.

10. Commune with nature – I can now recognise a Nuthatch and a Green Woodpecker and last night we saw a badger.

I wrote this tucked into a corner by the pond in our new house where I can get wifi – enjoy Summer y’all – I’m off to commune with nature (well after coffee and a quick row on Twitter that is)….



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