No Excuses for children 





  1. […] Sometimes I feel like I am living in two worlds: the Real World and the Virtual World. In the Real World, where I am “mum”, I get my kids up and off to school every morning, I do the washing up, I dig on my allotment, I help to run a preschool, and I spend a lot of time at my desk writing books. In the Virtual World, where I am “Sue Cowley”, I am an education author and speaker, and I have almost 10,000 followers on Twitter. Sometimes the two worlds collide, as they did at today’s Festival of Education. It was absolutely lovely to put flesh and blood faces to names such as Rachel Jones, Debra Kidd, Iesha Small and David Rogers, among many other lovely people. Sometimes meeting people you ‘know’ online is a bit weird, because it is like seeing the movie of the book, where the film is not at all like you imagined. I would like to formally apologise to Tom Starkey for going on about him having the wrong colour hair. (It was definitely black in my overly vivid imagination.) I live in hope that one day I will finally meet the obviously wonderful Nancy Gedge at one of these things, and also the totally amazing Jules Daulby. […]

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