Collection of great blogs on the SATs resit ‘initiative’

I began hyperventilating at yesterday’s news that this government want those who ‘failed’ their SATs in year 6 to retake in year 7.

Then there was some posh bloke off the telly in TES writing about how resits weren’t the answer but back yearing and secondary moderns were and I began hyperventilating again.

Then came the teachers’ blogs – it was like seeing the army appearing over the brow of the hill, I kind of fist punched as I saw them filter through Twitter.  These blogs ooze experience and I wanted to keep them in one place – an archive of sensibility if you like.

Anyway here they are in no particular order:

1. A caustic look at how Nicky Morgan and her crew came up with the idea. @theprimaryhead

2. Debra is one of my favourite bloggers and this is why. @debrakidd

3. Sums up what the majority of teachers think. @mrfarrow

4. Another favourite blogger of mine and, actually, a dear friend despite never having met (I know, Twitter is a funny place). Nancy writes about how we are trying to eradicate failure; from Downs Syndrome (Nancy’s eldest has DS) to zero tolerance on failing tests. It’s a powerful blog. @nancygedge

5. On students achieving their own potential (this does not mean low expectations by the way). @sheep2763

6. A parent asking good questions. @pinkoddy

7. Some people when they’re cross just bluster and go purple (me) others write something so bloomin marvellous it almost hurts to read it. @disidealist

8. The view from FE and who this will affect and how. @bjpren

9. A very honest blog describing how, at 11, this student needed to hear what he was capable of, not what he had failed at. @MrHeadComputing

10. Not a teacher but an economist – very wise words and a thought provoking read. 

And this storify from @itsmotherswork  retells Twitter action when the story broke.

 Please let me know if anymore.


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