Day 11 – ClaroReadplus – Assistive Technology -#28daysofwriting

I’ve written about a free text-to-speech (Balabolka day 4) and how it’s incorporated into MyStudyBar (also free Day 3). I’ve written about a commercial one (ReadWriteGold day 9). Now it’s the turn of Claroreadplus – another paid for toolbar.

The choice between this and ReadWrite is mainly preference (I think ReadWrite is a little more intuitive).

Claroread’s features include:

Text-to-speech – will read documents, email and Internet

Reads 30 languages

Word prediction (including high frequency words, phonetic and learns subject specific

Spellcheck including homophones

Dictionary and thesaurus

A listen later option to read text into an audio file

Scanning OCR function

Includes ClaroIdeas – mind mapping, a ScreenRuler and ClaroCapture – captures images and text from web pages and documents for references…

Claro offer a 15 free trial


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