Day 8 – Free electronic copies of text books #28daysofwriting


You have your free text-to-speech –

‘Balabolka’ Day 2 blog TICK

You have your free voices –

‘Ooo Daniel’ Day 5 blog TICK

Your students are ready to go …

Right, you say ‘read pg 64 of your text book’ – oh. CROSS

So, what you now need are your text books in an electronic format – ‘I wish there was a place to download my AQA Geography text book’ you say.

Ta da – the genie has granted your wish.

Your can register with Load2learn then download the text book for your student to read. (If they don’t have a copy of your text book Load2Learn will contact the publishers for you).

Only rules are:

School needs to be registered with the CLA (copyright licensing authority)

Student must have a print disability e.g visual impairment/dyslexia

School must own the book you want to download otherwise you infringe copyright

I find it’s a good idea to have one person responsible for preparing the text books – there are some wonderful TAs who work tirelessly preparing electronic texts for students. And not only do they have the time to assist the student with this, it is also engendering independence in the student – a win win (remote TA?).

Other places to get ebooks for free are:

Book Share

Project Gutenburg

Open Culture

Do look on

it is jam packed with useful information.



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