Day 3 #28daysofwriting – Assistive Technology – MyStudyBar

MyStudyBar is from eduapps.

This is a free bar of goodness which sits at the top of your computer. It’s also a portable app meaning you can have it on a USB stick to be loaded onto computers around the school.

I know more colleges using this than schools but blimey, if you can’t afford the commercial alternatives, this is like winning the lottery.

Colleges tend to leave the job of rolling out MyStudyBar to the Learning Resource Centre (library). They often have learning technologists too but all you need is to bribe your IT techs with cake and beer and cultivate an enthusiastic Teaching Assistant and, bingo – you can set up students in need of help with great technology.

MyStudyBar has been funded, I believe, by Scotland’s Department of Education – big hugs.

So, what is it?

A bar with many features:

It has mind mapping, sticky notes, portable calendar, Balabolka (see Day 2), translator, magnifier, thunder (screen reader for visually impaired), screen tint, tbar etc etc – it really is impressive considering it costs nada.

The commercial ones are the Rolls Royce but this is not a Robin Reliant – maybe a Vauxhall Zafiri?

In my experience, it is not quite as dependable as the paid for ones – it doesn’t always work and it’s less intuitive. Also I like things to fit seamlessly and this hovers at the top rather than fitting right across the screen – that’s just me though. Some IT techs don’t like it – I can’t remember why (something techy) but in my experience they often don’t like iPads either – meh. I’m not being prejudiced some of my best friends are IT technicians.……


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