Office sourced Basic Maths help (ks1)


PROBLEM – we have students in Year 2 reversing all their numbers and having trouble with number bonds to 10.

Pupils need a number line.

They would benefit from learning their numbers though a multi-sensory approach – same as learning letters – play dough, glitter glue, paint etc. Could be done in a group.

If they are delayed in maths then a great resource is Plus 1 and Power of 2 – David Sharp

ICT – free program called ‘ Hit the Button’ – that flashes up number bonds

Look at Numicon – great concrete resources for maths – for feeling of number and recognition of amount – visual stimulus – they can remember a pattern – see what is big and small – number bonds

Addacus – for place value – written form of the sum you can see the columns and place value – good for units, 10s and 100s – can come after being familiar with Numicon
Both have good resources and online tutorials

Maths made Easy
Sweet Counter – good for place value – a real favourite from team

Singapore maths seems to be popular too – start with Apple cut up on plates, the shaded squares in tables then circles:

A few ipad apps
Mr Thorne’s Maths Universe
Slate Maths
Maths Racer

Blogs on maths by @chrischivers

And why not think about mixed ability maths? @jobaoler



I’ve added this post because there is a lovely example of fractions with bananas which is so visual:


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